Saturday, 31 January 2015

Hey girl hey.

Saturday, 31 January 2015
Well hello there, my name is Vanessa Sarah Dione James (mouthful, I know!) and here is my little corner of the inter webs. This is a fashion and lifestyle blog littered with my ramblings.

Bit about me you ask? Well..

I am a fashion obsessive with a slight (liar) BIG spending addiction. I'm also a foodie (mmm.. What's for dinner?!), music lover and partial to a bit of trashy television (Admit it, so are you!). The love of my life is my chocolate and tan chihuahua.. Ralph Oakley Emerson James (I have four names, so it was only fair he did to) and i'm sure he'll crop up in a few posts. I will try to limit my endless rants about how amazing he is though, don't worry.

I look forward to embracing the blogging community wholeheartedly and hopefully (for once) sticking with something!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Oh, and this is me..

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